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Role of isopeptidolysis in the process of thrombolysis.
Cumulatively, it is found that the medicinal leech destabilase is a more efficient thrombolytic agent for dissolving thrombi, which could help increase the overall effectiveness of conventional throm bolytic drugs. Expand
Recombinant destabilase from the medicinal leech: Preparation and properties
The procedure for obtaining an active recombinant destabilase from the medicinal leech in Escherichia coli cells was developed and the total antibacterial activity of destabilase towards E. coli was shown. Expand
Destabilase-lysozyme-2 - original recombinant thrombolytic preparation of medicinal leech inhibits horse platelets aggregation.
The ability of destabilase-lyzosyme -2 to inhibit platelets aggregation extends biological properties of recombinant thrombolytic enzyme, pre-clinical trials which resulted in the end of 2015. Expand
Study of corrosion-active microorganisms of the coastal zone of the Baltic and Barents seas
The composition of microbial communities in coastal zones in the area of Kislogubskaya tidal power plant (the Barents Sea) and near Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex in the Gulf ofExpand