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Distribution and ecological requirements of ostracods (Crustacea) at high altitudinal ranges in Northeastern Van (Turkey)
Results revealed that species ecological tolerances and optimum levels can be species-specific but species with cosmopolitan distributions tend to have high tolerance ranges to different variables, including altitudinal changes. Expand
Differences in Ostracoda (Crustacea) Assemblages between Two Maar Lakes and One Sinkhole Lake in the Konya Region of Turkey
The 3 lakes were compared by species variety and population density, and the Meyil sinkhole lake was found to be richer than the Aci and Meke maar lakes. Expand
Distribution and Local Species Diversity of Freshwater Ostracoda in Relation to Habitat in the Kahramanmaraş Province of Turkey
To understand the relationship between local (alpha) diversity of ostracods and their distribution, 95 different locations were randomly sampled from southern Kahramanmaras (Turkey) between 7 JuneExpand
Preliminary study on distribution, diversity, and ecological characteristics of nonmarine Ostracoda (Crustacea) from the Erzincan region (Turkey)
The results suggest that studying gamma/regional diversity (Erzincan and environs) allows extending conclusions over a larger geographical scale and wider range of ecosystems, and may not be limited to local/alpha species diversity. Expand
Distribution of sexual and asexual Ostracoda (Crustacea) from different altitudinal ranges in the Ordu region of Turkey: testing the Rapoport Rule.
It is found that reproductive modes of species (sexual and asexual) was not directly correlated to altitude or any environmental variables measured during this study, and a better explanation of ostracod diversity appears to be suitability of habitats. Expand
Elevational distribution and species diversity of freshwater Ostracoda (Crustacea) in Çankırı region (Turkey)
Investigation of how the richness and ecological characteristics of non-marine ostracod species varied across nine 100-m elevation bands in the Çankırı region indicated that the frequency of occurrence was affected by changes in numbers of samplings sites. Expand
Ostracods as ecological and isotopic indicators of lake water salinity changes: the Lake Van example
Abstract. Ostracods are common lacustrine calcitic microfossils. Their faunal assemblage and morphological characteristics are important ecological proxies, and their valves are archives ofExpand
Distribution and ecology of Ostracoda (Crustacea) from troughs in Turkey
The results suggest that troughs can have relatively high ostracod richness but evenness can be low due to the strong dominance of one or more species. Expand