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Routing security in wireless ad hoc networks
A mobile ad hoc network consists of a collection of wireless mobile nodes that are capable of communicating with each other without the use of a network infrastructure or any centralizedExpand
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Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems
Learn how wireless systems work, how mobility is supported, what the underlying infrastructure is and what interactions are needed among different functional components with INTRODUCTION TO WIRELESSExpand
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Generalized Hypercube and Hyperbus Structures for a Computer Network
A general class of hypercube structures is presented in this paper for interconnecting a network of microcomputers in parallel and distributed environments. The interconnection is based on a mixedExpand
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Mobile Ad hoc Networking
Recent advances in portable computing and wireless technologies are opening up exciting possibilities for the future of wireless mobile networking. A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) consists of mobileExpand
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Dynamic probabilistic broadcasting in MANETs
In mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), the efficiency of broadcasting protocol can dramatically affect the performance of the entire network. Appropriate use of a probabilistic method can reduce theExpand
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Improving scheduling of tasks in a heterogeneous environment
Optimal scheduling of parallel tasks with some precedence relationship, onto a parallel machine is known to be NP-complete. The complexity of the problem increases when task scheduling is to be doneExpand
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An improved key distribution mechanism for large-scale hierarchical wireless sensor networks
Abstract Wireless sensor networks are often deployed in hostile environments and operated on an unattended mode. In order to protect the sensitive data and the sensor readings, secret keys should beExpand
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Range-Free Localization Using Expected Hop Progress in Wireless Sensor Networks
Localization algorithm continues to be an important and challenging topic in today's wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this paper, a novel range-free localization algorithm using expected hopExpand
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Threshold and identity-based key management and authentication for wireless ad hoc networks
As various applications of wireless ad hoc network have been proposed, security has become one of the big research challenges and is receiving increasing attention. In this paper, we propose aExpand
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Optimal packet size in error-prone channel for IEEE 802.11 distributed coordination function
With the popularity of the IEEE 802.11 based wireless network, it has become increasingly important to analyze the performance of the IEEE 802.11 protocol accurately. Throughput and delay are keyExpand
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