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Genetic algorithms and simulated annealing: a marriage proposal
  • D. Adler
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks
  • 28 March 1993
A simple scheme of using simulated-annealing mutation (SAM) and recombination as operators use the SA stochastic acceptance function internally to limit adverse moves to solve two key problems in GA optimization. Expand
Structured Additive Regression Models: An R Interface to BayesX
A new fully interactive R interface to BayesX is presented: the R package R2BayesX, which complements the already impressive capabilities for semiparametric regression in R by a comprehensive toolbox comprising in particular more complex response types and alternative inferential procedures such as simulation-based Bayesian inference. Expand
RGL : A R-library for 3 D visualization with OpenGL
RGL is a library of functions that offers three-dimensional, real-time visualization functionality to the R programming environment. It ameliorates a shortcoming in the current version of R (and mostExpand
Virtual Audio - Three-Dimensional Audio in Virtual Environments
A case study of a system for three-dimensional audio, implemented by the author, is described in great detail and conclusions on user tests and use of the audio system are presented along with proposals for future work. Expand
A Framework for an R to OpenGL Interface for Interactive 3D graphics
A framework for providing interactive 3D graphics in R, which provides a set of commands for specifying objects and operations that enable three-dimensional graphical visualization and helps facilitate portability to different operating systems. Expand
Dynamic Language Bindings for C Libraries with emphasis on their application to R
A middleware architecture for scripting languages is discussed that provides for seamless dynamic scripting access to the C API of native libraries without the need for compilation of wrapper modules. Expand
Foreign Library Interface
We present an improved Foreign Function Interface (FFI) for R to call arbitary native functions without the need for C wrapper code. Further we discuss a dynamic linkage framework for bindingExpand
Violin Plot [R package vioplot version 0.3.5]
RGL in 2007
In this paper we describe changes to the RGL package.