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Role of free radicals in ischemia-reperfusion injury to the liver.
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Pseudione overstreeti, New Species (Isopoda: Epicaridea: Bopyridae), A Parasite of Callichirus islagrande (Decapoda: Anomura: Callianassidae) from the Gulf of Mexico
Pseudione overstreeti, new species, is a common bopyrid that infests the branchial chamber of the beach ghost shrimp, Callichirus islagrande, occurring along beaches of the Gulf of Mexico from CapeExpand
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Papillomavirus Infection of Aged Persian Cats
Papillomavirus infection was confirmed in 2 Persian cats with sessile hyperkeratotic skin lesions. Skin lesions were not typical papillomas as found in other species. Papillomavirus virions wereExpand
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2 New Species Of Gigantione kossmann lIsopodac Epicarideac Bopyridaer From The Western North atlantic
Il s'agit de Gigantione mortenseni n.sp. et G. uberlackerae n.sp. parasites de divers decapodes
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Skeletal Muscle Rhabdomyosarcomas in Inbred Laboratory Mice
A total of 14 well differentiated rhabdomyosarcomas were diagnosed at necropsy in 10,000 mice. Of the 14 affected mice, ten were BALB/cJ, and there was one case each of A/HeJ, BALB/cByJ, C58/J, andExpand
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