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A depression rating scale for schizophrenics
Scales for assessing depression are well developed for non-psychotic populations but have been criticized for being inappropriate for psychotic populations. As a result we have developed a new ratingExpand
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Reliability and validity of a depression rating scale for schizophrenics
The Calgary Depression Scale (CDS) is a nine item structured interview scale, in which each item has a four point measure, each point anchored by descriptors. The scale has been specificallyExpand
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Facial affect recognition and information processing in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
This study assessed facial affect recognition and visual attention in a sample of 40 individuals with schizophrenia, at hospitalization and 3 months later during an out-patient phase of relativeExpand
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Randomized, double-blind trial of olanzapine versus placebo in patients prodromally symptomatic for psychosis.
OBJECTIVE This study assessed the efficacy of olanzapine in delaying or preventing conversion to psychosis and reducing symptoms in people with prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia. METHOD ThisExpand
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A Canadian multicenter placebo-controlled study of fixed doses of risperidone and haloperidol in the treatment of chronic schizophrenic patients.
In a double-blind study, 135 inpatients with a diagnosis of chronic schizophrenia were randomly assigned to 8 weeks of treatment with one of six parallel treatments: risperidone (a new centralExpand
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Facial affect recognition: A mediator between cognitive and social functioning in psychosis?
BACKGROUND Facial affect recognition has been implicated in the relationship between cognition and social functioning. This 1-year longitudinal study tested the hypothesis that facial affectExpand
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Smart materials and new technologies : for the architecture and design professions
Chapter 1: Materials in Architecture and design Chapter 2: Fundamental Characterization of Materials Chapter 3: Energy Phenomena and environments Chapter 4: Types and Characteristics of SmartExpand
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A psychometric comparison of the Calgary depression scale for schizophrenia and the Hamilton depression rating scale
This study compared two measures of depression in a population with schizophrenia. Inpatients (n = 112) with schizophrenia, were assessed on the Hamilton (HDRS), and Calgary (CDSS) depression scalesExpand
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Specificity of the Calgary Depression Scale for schizophrenics
This study sought to determine the specificity of the Calgary Depression Scale (CDS), a depression rating scale for schizophrenics. The specificity is the degree to which the scale assessesExpand
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Social functioning in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis
Poor social functioning is a hallmark of schizophrenia. The purpose of this study was to examine social functioning in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis. Social functioning was assessedExpand
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