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Ethiopia in the Bible
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Reading Psalm 109 in African Christianity
Psalm 109 is one of the most problematic psalms in the Old Testament. The majority of scholars are not comfortable as far as the interpretation of the contents is concerned. It is one of the psalmsExpand
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African American Heritage
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The historical development of Old Testament interpretation in Africa
Dating back to the Biblical period, Africans have interpreted the Bible. Yehudi, an Israelite of African descent (Jr 36:1-23) read and interpreted the letter of Jeremiah to the princes and the king.Expand
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This paper examines the meaning and importance of Jeremiah 13:23 critically. The author argues that one of the greatest prophets of ancient Israel, having been familiar with the military might,Expand
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Decolonising the Reading of Psalm 8 in an African (Yoruba) Context.
Psalm 8 is one of the most important psalms of praise to YHWH. Unlike other psalms of praise, this psalm begins with the name of God, Yahweh, which clearly and unmistakeably expresses that he isExpand
The African wife of Solomon (1 Kings 3:1; 9:16; 7:8; 11:1)
Both the Deuteronomist and the Chronicler repeatedly testify that Solomon married an African woman who was the daughter of Pharaoh. The fact that Pharaoh‟s daughter was singled out in this mannerExpand
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The African wife of Abraham (Gn 16:1-16; 21:8-21)
The purpose of this paper is to establish the Africanness of Hagar, the wife of Abraham. Hagar is a prominent figure in the Hebrew and Islamic traditions, so the paper analyses her place in God'sExpand
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Reading Psalm 100 from an African (Yoruba) Perspective
Psalm 100 is one of the most popular psalms of praise and thanksgiving. Almost every scholar accepts this psalm as a hymn commanding the congregation to praise Yahweh in thanksgiving. This song is soExpand