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Development of a CPT deployed probe for in situ measurement of volumetric soil moisture content and electrical resistivity
The authors have developed a Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) probe which measures both the resistivity and the dielectric constant of the soil. This method is innovative because the water relaxationExpand
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In Situ Tests with K o Stepped Blade
The results of field tests conducted using the K//o Stepped Blade to determine lateral stresses and other geotechnical properties are presented. The sites tested represent a wide range of cohesiveExpand
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An investigation was conducted to determine the variability of borehole shear test results obtained in testing soft and medium consistency marine clays. A statistical comparison of the results ofExpand
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Experimental and theoretical response of multiphase porous media to dynamic loads. Annual report No. 2, 1 July 1986-30 June 1987
This report summarizes results of a combined theoretical and experimental investigation of wave propagation and liquefaction from high-intensity dynamic loading of saturated porous media. This workExpand
Asphaltic Concrete Performance Under High Pressure Tires
A study was conducted by the USAF Engineering and Services Laboratory to evaluate the rutting effects of high pressure tires on Marshall and gyratory designed pavements. Full scale pavement testExpand
Experimental and Theoretical Response of Multiphase Porous Media to Dynamic Loads.
Abstract : This report summerizes the current status of a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the response of multiphase porous media to dynamic loading. This completes the firstExpand
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Asphaltic Concrete Performance Under Heavy Fighter Aircraft Loading
Abstract : Rutting of asphaltic concrete pavements is rapidly becoming a cause for concern among AF civil engineers. Modern fighter aircraft often have operating tire pressures well above theExpand
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In-Tank Precipitation Facility (ITP) and H-Tank Farm (HTF) geotechnical report, WSRC-TR-95-0057, Revision 0, Volume 3
A geotechnical study has been completed in H-Area for the In-Tank Precipitation Facility (ITP) and the balance of the H-Area Tank Farm (HTF) at the Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina. TheExpand
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