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Insights into the mechanism of flavoprotein-catalyzed amine oxidation from nitrogen isotope effects on the reaction of N-methyltryptophan oxidase.
The mechanism of N-methyltryptophan oxidase, a flavin-dependent amine oxidase from Escherichia coli, was studied using a combination of kinetic isotope effects and theoretical calculations. TheExpand
Control elements in dynamically determined selectivity on a bifurcating surface.
The mechanism and the nature of the dynamically determined product selectivity in Diels-Alder cycloadditions of 3-methoxycarbonylcyclopentadienone (2) with 1,3-dienes was studied by a combination ofExpand
The normal range for secondary Swain-Schaad exponents without tunneling or kinetic complexity.
An analysis is presented of the range of secondary Swain-Schaad exponents to be expected at 25 degrees C in the absence of tunneling or kinetic complexity. From 15 996 sets of exact harmonicExpand
Reaction removal of polychlorinated biphenyls from transformer oil: treatment of contaminated oil with poly(ethylene glycol)/potassium hydroxide.
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in transformer oil react with poly(ethylene glycols) and potassium hydroxide under relatively mild conditions. Complete reaction with PEG occurs at 60-120/sup 0/C inExpand
Dynamics and the failure of transition state theory in alkene hydroboration.
Transition state theory fails to accurately predict the selectivity in an example where it is ubiquitously invoked, hydroboration. The hydroboration of terminal alkenes with BH(3) is moderatelyExpand
Dynamically Complex [6+4] and [4+2] Cycloadditions in the Biosynthesis of Spinosyn A.
SpnF, an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of spinosyn A, catalyzes a transannular Diels-Alder reaction. Quantum mechanical computations and dynamic simulations now show that this cycloaddition isExpand
Enantioselective synthesis without discrete optically active additives.
By an adaptation of the asymmetric autocatalysis reactions of Soai, it was found that small enantiomeric excesses may be amplified to an arbitrary extent. When this process was applied 48 times toExpand
Reinvestigation of the Isotope Effects for the Claisen and Aromatic Claisen Rearrangements: The Nature of the Claisen Transition States
The aliphatic Claisen rearrangement of allyl vinyl ether and the aromatic Claisen rearrangement of allyl phenyl ether are investigated in a combined experimental and calculational study.Expand