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Diversity and distribution of the mesozooplankton in the tropical Southwestern Atlantic
Mesozooplankton species distribution and abundance were studied in the tropical Southwestern Atlantic, in neritic and oceanic regions off the state of Rio Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil (3° to
Diel and seasonal changes in the macrozooplankton community of a tropical estuary in Northeastern Brazil
There was a large stochastic variation between samples, and a regular temporal zooplankton cycle was not observed, so the rainy season presented greater numerical abundance.
Zooplankton community dynamics in relation to the seasonal cycle and nutrient inputs in an urban tropical estuary in Brazil.
The cluster analysis by taxa revealed the existence of three distinct groups: resilient species, characteristic of estuarine areas and occurring during all the year; species mainly more abundant in July (indicators of a healthier environmental condition); and species more abundantIn February (tolerant to poor water quality).