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Stochastic approach to chemical kinetics
In this article we shall present a summary of the various stochastic approaches and applications to chemical reaction kinetics, but before discussing these we first briefly introduce the basic ideas
Physical chemistry : a molecular approach
The Dawn of Quantum Theory Classical Wave Equation Schrodinger Equation Principles of Quantum Mechanics Harmonic Oscillator and Rigid Rotator Hydrogen Atom Approximation Methods Multielectron Atoms
Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
Functions of a Single Variable Infinite Series Functions Defined As Integrals Complex Numbers and Complex Functions Vectors Functions of Several Variables Vector Calculus Curvilinear Coordinates
Kinetics of Small Systems. I
The classical, or deterministic, approach to chemical kinetics is replaced by a probabilistic model which furnishes not only concentration—time expressions, but also expressions for the statistical fluctuations about the deterministic curves.
On the theory of ionic solutions.
A variational approach to the theory of ionic solutions
In this paper we discuss a known variational principle for the Percus–Yevick integral equation and then generalize the procedure to obtain a variational principle for any integral equation associated