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African Philosophy as Cultural Inquiry
Contents: Acknowledgments Introduction: African Philosophy as Cultural Inquiry Ivan Karp and D. A. Masolo Part 1: Power, Personhood, and Agency Introduction to Part 1 Ivan Karp and D. A. Masolo 1.Expand
African philosophy in search of identity
Acknowledgments 1. Logocentrism and Emotivism: Two Systems in Struggle for Control of Identity 2. Tempels and the Setting of Ethnophilosophy 3. Systematic Ethnophilosophy 4. Language and Reality 5.Expand
Philosophy and Indigenous Knowledge: An African Perspective
Rooted in the 1940s, the debate on African ethnophilosophy foreshadowed and preempted what was to become a global debate, whose tenets have now brought the natural and social sciences close together.Expand
African Political Thought
African political theory has been focused on two major conceptual interests: consolidating the integrity of political boundaries and forging unity among national populations. These issues have provenExpand
Foreword Thought and Practice: Taking Stock, Re-engaging
Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous “Orphee noir” (1948) still ranks among the most memorable Prefaces aimed at capturing the significance of the moments of historical regeneration of interrupted culturalExpand
Narrative and Experience of Community as Philosophy of Culture
This paper argues that the distinctive feature of African philosophising is a communitarian outlook expressed through various forms of narrative. The paper first illustrates the close relationshipExpand