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Astronomy in the Service of Islam
Contents: Preface: General Survey: Science in the service of religion: the case of Islam Lunar Crescent Visibility and the Regulation of the Islamic Calendar: Some early Islamic tables forExpand
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World-Maps for Finding the Direction and Distance to Mecca: Innovation and Tradition in Islamic Science
Presents an overview of the ways in which Muslims over the centuries have determined the sacred direction towards Mecca (qibla) and then describes, in detail, two 17th-century brass Iranian mapsExpand
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The Sacred Direction in Islam A Study of the Interaction of Religion and Science in the Middle Ages
AbstractIn Islam the sacred direction is towards Mecca, or more precisely, towards the sacred Kaaba in Mecca. Muslims face this direction in prayer and during various other ritual acts. MuslimExpand
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Astronomy in the Islamic World
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An Index of Authors to A Survey of the Scientific Manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library
In 1986, David A. King published an English survey of his Arabic catalogue of the scientific manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library in Cairo, which had appeared in two large volumes in 1981 andExpand
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An Ottoman Astrolabe Full of Surprises
Recently a set of plates from an 11th-century Andalusi astrolabe has been discovered inside an Ottoman Turkish astrolabe from ca. 1700. Most of these plates conform to the tradition represented byExpand
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The enigmatic orientation of the Great Mosque of Córdoba
The Great Mosque at Cordoba does not face Mecca as we moderns think it should. This is also true of many other medieval mosques. However, now that we have some control over the medieval textualExpand
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