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The Influence of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Electrical Conductivity and Optical Properties of Chain‐Layered TlInSe2 and TlInSe2–TlInS2 Solid Solutions
The influence of hydrostatic pressure on the electrical conductivity of TlInSe2 and on the optical transmission spectra of TlInSe1.4S0.6 crystals grown by the Bridgman method are reported for theExpand
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Optical spectra and energy band structure of layer‐type AIVBVI compounds
The electroreflectance and absorption spectra as well as the hydrostatic pressure dependence of the fundamental absorption edge of GeS, GeSe, SnS, and SnSe crystals are investigated in polarizedExpand
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Optical absorption in GaSe under high-density ultrashort laser pulses
Abstract Experimental results of the influence of high-density ultra short laser pulses of 60 fs duration ( E  = 1.98 eV) on the transient transmission change of thick (0.86, 1.92, 2.32 mm) GaSeExpand
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Band-structure calculation for A4B6 layered crystals by the equivalent-orbital linear combination of atomic orbitals method
The band structures of GeSe, GeS, SnSe and SnS layered semiconductor compounds have been calculated by the EO LCAO method in a single-layer approximation. The Madelung energy of electron in the fieldExpand
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Reflectance and thermoreflectance spectra and energy band structure of GeSe crystals
The reflectance spectra of orthorhombic GeSe crystals are studied in the region 0.5 to 12 eV in polarized light with E ∥ a and E ∥ b at 290 K and a Kramers-Kronig analysis is performed. TheExpand
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Effect of pressure on phonon spectra and elastic properties of orthorhombic GeSe
The pressure dependences of the phonon frequencies of the Brillouin zone center and also the elastic constants of the GeSe compound have been calculated by the density functional theory method usingExpand
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Ab initio calculation of vibrational spectra of orthorhombic IV–VI layered crystals
Phonon modes of IV–VI semiconductor crystals with the orthorhombic structure of the crystal lattice have been calculated from first principles using the linear response method. The calculations areExpand
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First-principles calculation of the photothreshold of a β-GaS layered crystal
The photothreshold of a β-GaS layered crystal has been calculated as a function of the thickness of the crystal using the first-principles density functional method. The final thickness of theExpand
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Second-order phase transition in a SnS orthorhombic crystal under pressure
The existence of a second-order phase transition in a SnS crystal with an orthorhombic lattice has been demonstrated theoretically. The calculation has been performed in the framework of the densityExpand
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