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Flux and Sources of Nutrients in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River Basin
Ths report addresses the following two questions: 1) What are the loads (flux) of nutrients transported from the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River Basin to the Gulf of Mexico, and where do they comeExpand
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Nitrogen input to the Gulf of Mexico.
Historical streamflow and concentration data were used in regression models to estimate the annual flux of nitrogen (N) to the Gulf of Mexico and to determine where the nitrogen originates within theExpand
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Long‐term changes in concentrations and flux of nitrogen in the Mississippi River Basin, USA
Current and historical data show that nitrogen concentrations and flux in the Mississippi River Basin have increased significantly during the past 100 years. Most of the increase observed in theExpand
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Nitrogen flux and sources in the Mississippi River Basin.
Nitrogen from the Mississippi River Basin is believed to be at least partly responsible for the large zone of oxygen-depleted water that develops in the Gulf of Mexico each summer. Historical dataExpand
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A reconnaissance study of herbicides and their metabolites in surface water of the midwestern united states using immunoassay and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
Preemergent herbicides and their metabolites, particularly atrazine, deethylatrazine, and metolachlor, persisted from 1989 to 1990 in the majority of rivers and streams in the midweatern UnitedExpand
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Occurrence of selected pesticides and their metabolites in near-surface aquifers of the Midwestern U
The occurrence and distribution of selected pesticides and their metabolites were investigated through the collection of 837 water-quality samples from 303 wells across the Midwest. Results of thisExpand
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Occurrence and transport of agricultural chemicals in the Mississippi River basin, July through August 1993
Heavy rainfall and severe flooding in the upper Mississippi River Basin from mid-June through early August 1993 flushed extraordinar ily large amounts of agricultural chemicals (her­ bicides andExpand
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Mississippi Basin nitrogen flux believed to cause Gulf hypoxia
An expanding hypoxic zone develops each spring and summer on the Louisiana-Texas shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, and nitrogen from the Mississippi River Basin has been implicated as one of the principalExpand
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Spatial data in geographic information system format on agricultural chemical use, land use, cropping practices in the United States
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