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Geographical history of the central‐western Pacific black fly subgenus Inseliellum (Diptera: Simuliidae: Simulium) based on a reconstructed phylogeny of the species, hot‐spot archipelagoes and
Aim With six new species of subgenus Inseliellum Rubtsov recently described, a revised reconstructed phylogeny based on morphology is required. Geological history of islands where InseliellumExpand
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Distribution and ecology of benthic macroinvertebrates in the Opunohu river catchment, Moorea, French Polynesia
Distribution and ecology of macroinvertebrates in the Opunohu River catchment (17°31'S, 149°S 50'W), Moorea, French Polynesia, were studied at eight sites, which range in altitude from 2 to 335 m,Expand
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Geomorphology, Development of Running Water Habitats, and Evolution of Black Flies on Polynesian Islands
Abstract Running water habitats develop in concert with the age of hotspot volcanic islands. This study tracks the geologic and hydrologic processes involved in this development for the SocietyExpand
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Life history features of some macroinvertebrates in a French Polynesian stream
The invertebrate fauna of the Opunohu River catchment in Moorea, French Polynesia, studied 1988–1989, was numerically dominated by four species of neritid snails, one species of thiarid snail, twoExpand
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An ecological classification of primary labral fans of filter-feeding black fly (Diptera: Simuliidae) larvae
A conceptual model that uses labral-fan structure to predict the distribution of black fly species within a catchment is proposed. The model is based on water flow, seston availability, and the str...
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Austroconops Wirth and Lee, a Lower Cretaceous Genus of Biting Midges Yet Living in Western Australia: a New Species, First Description of the Immatures and Discussion of Their Biology and Phylogeny
Abstract The eggs and all four larval instars of Austroconops mcmillani Wirth and Lee and A. annettae Borkent, new species, are described. The pupa of A. mcmillani is also described. Life cycles andExpand
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Cibarial sensilla and armature in mosquito adults (Diptera: culicidae)'
Cibaria of 37 species of mosquitoes representing nine genera were examined using light microscopy, and those of Anopheles farauti Laveran, Aedes aegypti (L.) Culiseta inornata (Williston), and CulexExpand
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Common insects in New Zealand
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Filter feeding in larvae of Simuliidae (Diptera: Culicomorpha): aspects of functional morphology and hydrodynamics
The feeding mechanism of simuliid larvae is further elucidated by detailed study of the nature and speed of cephalic fan and mouthpart movements, and examination of water flow around larvae.Expand
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Fluid transmission and filtration efficiency of the labral fans of black fly larvae (Diptera: Simuliidae): hydrodynamic, morphological, and behavioural aspects
Body stance and water flow through the labral fans of suspension-feeding Simulium vittatum Zetterstedt larvae were examined using dead and live larvae. Transmission of flowing water through the fansExpand
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