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Rhodium-catalyzed C-C bond formation via heteroatom-directed C-H bond activation.
Once considered the 'holy grail' of organometallic chemistry, synthetically useful reactions employing C-H bond activation have increasingly been developed and applied to natural product and drugExpand
Rhodium catalyzed chelation-assisted C-H bond functionalization reactions.
Over the last several decades, researchers have achieved remarkable progress in the field of organometallic chemistry. The development of metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions represents aExpand
Synthesis of dihydropyridines and pyridines from imines and alkynes via C-H activation.
A convenient one-pot C-H alkenylation/electrocyclization/aromatization sequence has been developed for the synthesis of highly substituted pyridine derivatives from alkynes and alpha,beta-unsaturatedExpand
Stereoselective Alkylation of α,β-Unsaturated Imines via C-H Bond Activation
The stereoselective alkylation of α,β-unsaturated imines via C−H activation followed by imine hydrolysis produces tri- and tetrasubstituted α,β-unsaturated aldehydes. In the presence of a rhodiumExpand
An azulene analogue of the tripyrranes and carbaporphyrinoids therefrom.
New riches in carbaporphyrin chemistry: silver and gold organometallic complexes of benzocarbaporphyrins.
The NH-N-NH-N core of the porphyrin system represents one of the best studied and most versatile platforms for coordination chemistry. However, the replacement of one or more of the interiorExpand
Organometallic chemistry of azuliporphyrins: synthesis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and structural characterization of nickel(II), palladium(II), and platinum(II) complexes of azuliporphyrins.
Four azuliporphyrins, two meso-unsubstituted and two meso-tetraaryl substituted, were investigated in the synthesis of novel organometallic compounds. The meso-unsubstituted or "etio" seriesExpand
Synthesis, spectroscopy, and reactivity of meso-unsubstituted azuliporphyrins and their heteroanalogues. Oxidative ring contractions to carba-, oxacarba-, thiacarba-, and selenacarbaporphyrins.
This paper reports the first detailed study on meso-unsubstituted azuliporphyrins, an important family of porphyrin-like molecules where one of the usual pyrrole rings has been replaced by an azuleneExpand
Carbaporphyrinoid chemistry has a silver lining! silver(III) oxybenzi-, oxynaphthi-, tropi-, and benzocarbaporphyrins.
[structure: see text] Carbaporphyrinoid systems with semiquinone, cycloheptatriene, or indene subunits react under mild conditions with silver(I) acetate to give stable silver(III) organometallicExpand
Adaptation of the Rothemund reaction for carbaporphyrin synthesis: preparation of meso-tetraphenylazuliporphyrin and related benzocarbaporphyrins.
Electrophilic substitution of azulene has recently been shown to provide the means by which carbon-carbon bonds can be generated to form novel macrocyclic systems such as calixazulenes. These studiesExpand