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Raptors of the World
This new field guide covers all of the world's kites, vultures, harriers, hawks, buzzards, eagles, and falcons. Based on essential sections of the widely acclaimed handbook "Raptors of the World" byExpand
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Genome rearrangement problems
Various global rearrangements of permutations, such as reversals and transpositions, have recently become of interest because of their applications in computational molecular biology. A reversal isExpand
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A 3/2-approximation algorithm for sorting by reversals
A reversal on a permutation of (1,. . . , n} is a transformation that reverses the order of a block of two or more consecutive elements of the permutation. The problem of determining the smallestExpand
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Sorting Permutations by Block-Interchanges
  • D. A. Christie
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Inf. Process. Lett.
  • 25 November 1996
We introduce an operation, called block-interchange, in which two substrings, or blocks, swap positions in the permutation. Expand
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Sorting Strings by Reversals and by Transpositions
We show that the problem of finding reversal distance between binary strings, and therefore between strings over an arbitrary fixed-size alphabet, is NP-hard. Expand
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Rapaces del mundo
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Identification of Hippolais warblers
The criteria for the identification of all six Hippolais warblers have been constantly refined since the ground-breaking paper by D. I. M. Wallace {Brit. Birds 57: 282-301). This current paper notExpand