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Two new mite species of the genus Stigmaeus (Acari: Stigmaeidae) from Turkey
Two new mite species of the genus Stigmaeus from Turkey, S. tokatensis sp. nov. and S. amasyanus sp. nov., are described and illustrated based on females. A key to all known Turkish species of theExpand
Three new species of the genus Nothrholaspis (Acari: Macrochelidae) from the Kelkit Valley, Turkey.
Three new species of mites of the genus Nothrholaspis Berlese, 1918 are described from specimens collected in the Kelkit Valley, Turkey--Nothrholaspis turcicus sp. nov., N. anatolicus sp. nov. and N.Expand
A New Viviparous Uropodid Mite (Acari: Gamasida: Uropodina) for the Turkish Fauna, Macrodinychus (Monomacrodinychus) bregetovaae Hirschmann, 1975
The geographic distribution and additional morphologic features of Macrodinychus (Monomacrodinychus) bregetovaae Hirschmann 1975 are presented briefly and determined as a new record for the TurkishExpand
Crinitodiscus ozkani sp. n., a new uropodid mite from Turkey (Acari, Mesostigmata, Uropodidae)
The genus Crinitodiscus (Uropodidae) is re-described and its description supplemented with additional new data. A new species, Crinitodiscus ozkani sp. n., is described from specimens collected fromExpand
The genus Glyptholaspis Filipponi & Pegazzano (Acari: Macrochelidae) of Kelkit Valley (Turkey), with first description of male of the species G. saprophila Mašán
The male of G. saprophila is described for the first time in this study and an identification key to the Turkish species of Glyptholaspis is given here. Expand
Two new records of Nenteria Oudemans, 1915 (Acari: Uropodina: Trematuridae) for Turkey.
Two species of Nenteria, collected from Erzincan plain, are new records for the fauna of Turkey, and their morphological features were re-examined and diagrams of them were drawn. Expand
A new species of the genus Oplitis (Acarina, Mesostigmata, Uropodina) from Turkey
On the basis of specimens collected from Eastern Turkey, description and illustrations of a new mite, Oplitis turcica sp. n., have been given. The genus Oplitis Berlese, 1884 has been recorded inExpand
Uropoda abantica N. SP., a new mesostigmatid mite (Acari: Uropodidae) from Turkey
A new species of the cohort Uropodina, Uropoda abantica n. Expand
The genus Macrocheles Latreille (Acari: Mesostigmata: Macrochelidae) from Kelkit Valley (Turkey), with three newly recorded mite species
This survey was carried out on the genus Macrocheles in Kelkit Valley, Turkey, during 2007-2012, and original drawings and diagnoses for all known species of the genus from the valley are included. Expand
The Effects Of Some Negativities Encountered During And Getting Ready To Examinations On The Student’s Success
This study has been carried out Kâzim Karabekir and Erzincan Educational Facul- ties of Ataturk University. A questionnaire has been administered to 456 students to appreci- ate theirs views on theExpand