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Molecular modeling study and synthesis of novel pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines and pyrrolotriazolopyrimidines of expected antitumor and radioprotective activities.
Novel pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives 4a-e, 10, 14, 15, pyrazolopyrrolopyrimidine 13, pyrrolotriazolopyrimidine 5-9, 17 and pyrrolopyrimidotriazine 18 are reported herein. The design of theseExpand
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Indoline ureas as potential anti-hepatocellular carcinoma agents targeting VEGFR-2: Synthesis, in vitro biological evaluation and molecular docking.
In our effort to develop potent and effective agents with anti-proliferative activity towards HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cells with potential inhibitory activity against VEGFR-2, a novel seriesExpand
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1-Piperazinylphthalazines as potential VEGFR-2 inhibitors and anticancer agents: Synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation.
In our endeavor towards the development of effective VEGFR-2 inhibitors, three novel series of phthalazine derivatives based on 1-piperazinyl-4-arylphthalazine scaffold were synthesized. All theExpand
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Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of type-II VEGFR-2 inhibitors based on quinoxaline scaffold.
In an effort to develop ATP-competitive VEGFR-2 selective inhibitors, a series of new quinoxaline-based derivatives was designed and synthesized. The target compounds were biologically evaluated forExpand
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Aromatase inhibitors and apoptotic inducers: Design, synthesis, anticancer activity and molecular modeling studies of novel phenothiazine derivatives carrying sulfonamide moiety as hybrid molecules.
Hybrid molecules are used as anticancer agents to improve effectiveness and diminish drug resistance. So, the current study aimed to introduce twenty novel phenothiazine sulfonamide hybrids 5-22, 24Expand
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A highly selective structure-based virtual screening model of Palm I allosteric inhibitors of HCV Ns5b polymerase enzyme and its application in the discovery and optimization of new analogues.
First structure-based activity prediction model of topologically diverse inhibitors of Palm I allosteric site of HCV NS5b polymerase enzyme is reported here. The model is a workflow ofExpand
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Integrated structure-based activity prediction model of benzothiadiazines on various genotypes of HCV NS5b polymerase (1a, 1b and 4) and its application in the discovery of new derivatives.
This work presents the first structure-based activity prediction model for benzothiadiazines against various genotypes of HCV NS5b polymerase (1a, 1b and 4).The model is a comprehensive workflow ofExpand
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Amido/ureidosubstituted benzenesulfonamides-isatin conjugates as low nanomolar/subnanomolar inhibitors of the tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isoform XII.
By using a molecular hybridization approach, two series of amido/ureidosubstituted benzenesulfonamides incorporating substituted-isatin moieties were synthesized. The prepared derivatives were inExpand
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Increasing the binding affinity of VEGFR-2 inhibitors by extending their hydrophobic interaction with the active site: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of
A series of anilinophthalazine derivatives 4a-j was initially synthesized and tested for its VEGFR-2 inhibitory activity where it showed promising activity (IC50 = 0.636-5.76 μM). Molecular dockingExpand
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Computer-Based Ligand Design and Synthesis of Some New Sulfonamides Bearing Pyrrole or Pyrrolopyrimidine Moieties Having Potential Antitumor and Radioprotective Activities
A series of new Pyrrole and pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives ( 5–15 ) was designed, synthesized, and biologically evaluated for their in vitro cytotoxic activity. The design of these compoundsExpand
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