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Association of Borrelia afzelii with rodents in Europe.
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (s.l.) is maintained in nature by complex zoonotic transmission cycles, involving a large variety of vertebrates as hosts and hard ticks of the genus Ixodes asExpand
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Glutamate-, kainate- and NMDA-evoked membrane currents in identified glial cells in rat spinal cord slice.
The effect of L-glutamate, kainate and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) on membrane currents of astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and their respective precursors was studied in acute spinal cord slices of ratsExpand
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The exocyst complex in plants
Plant cell morphogenesis requires precise regulation of localized cell expansion and cell division. Vectorial exocytosis is a major morphogenetic process in plant cells, intimately interwoven withExpand
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Glial depolarization evokes a larger potassium accumulation around oligodendrocytes than around astrocytes in gray matter of rat spinal cord slices
The cell membrane of astrocytes and oligodendrocytes is almost exclusively permeable for K+. Depolarizing and hyperpolarizing voltage steps produce in oligodendrocytes, but not in astrocytes,Expand
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Effect of osmotic stress on potassium accumulation around glial cells and extracellular space volume in rat spinal cord slices
In rat brain and spinal cord slices, the local extracellular accumulation of K+, as indicated by K+ tail currents (Itail) after a depolarization step, is greater in the vicinity of oligodendrocytesExpand
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Comprehensive cross‐amplification of microsatellite multiplex sets across the rodent genus Microtus
We developed four multiplex panels comprising 19 microsatellite loci and tested their amplification in 21 rodent species important for agricultural and conservation management (Microtus, Arvicola,Expand
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Population dynamics and spatial behaviour of Microtus tatricus (Arvicolinae, Rodentia)
The population dynamics of the Tatra vole Microtus tatricus (Kratochvíl, 1952) (Arvicolinae, Rodentia) was monitored as part of a long-term study (1996–2008) of demography of small mammals conductedExpand
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Histological analysis of retraction pocket pars tensa of tympanic membrane in children.
AIMS Histological and histochemical analysis of retraction pocket of pars tensa of tympanic membrane in children. Identification of morphological abnormalities in comparison with a healthy tympanicExpand
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Genetic variability of the cold-tolerant Microtus oeconomus subspecies left behind retreating glaciers
Abstract The current range of the root vole (Microtus oeconomus) in Europe has been shaped by climate changes, including the last glaciation. In Central Europe there are two isolated subspecies: M.Expand
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Vietelmis jablonskii, a new species of riffle beetle from Laos and Thailand and new faunistic records on Vietelmis Delève, 1968 from Malaysia (Coleoptera: Elmidae).
A new species of riffle beetle, Vietelmis jablonskii, from Laos and Thailand is described and illustrated. Differences to other Vietelmis species are discussed and an identification key for theExpand
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