D von Blumröder

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Herd, within-herd and animal prevalences for Neospora caninum in beef and dairy cattle were compared between four countries. In randomly selected herds from regions of Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden that were representative for the cattle production of these countries, all animals > or = 2 years were examined serologically by enzyme-linked(More)
Various existing serological tests were compared with a standard panel of 523 sera in a multicentred study across Europe. Well characterised sera from animals that were experimentally or naturally infected with Neospora caninum as well as sera from cattle deemed uninfected with N. caninum were provided by the participants of the study and analysed in(More)
Seven European laboratories contributed to a multi-centre evaluation of detection techniques for Neospora caninum in bovine foetuses. Six laboratories participated in immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing. All seven laboratories participated in PCR testing, but the results from one laboratory were not included in the analysis, because of contamination problems(More)
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