D de la Broise

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The efficiency of lgM production by hybridoma cells (1) cultured in suspension; (2) entrapped in alginate beads; or (3) packed in hollowfiber cartridge bioreactors, were compared in long-term perfusion cultures. The results showed that steady-state cell concentration and antibody production, per liter of perfused medium per day, were similar when cells were(More)
In order to elucidate the hybridoma life cycle and the limiting factors in perfusion systems, we performed cultures in a stirred tank bioreactor, coupled to an external tangential flow filtration unit. Cell density and antibody production in perfusion were consistent with previous studies. The average life span of the cells (2.1-2.2 days), antibody,(More)
The system described is a modified Hospodka's turbidostat. This device helps to measure the maximum growth rate of fungi in steady-state aerobic conditions with defined and independent concentration of dissolved oxygen, biomass, and substrate even unlimited. The principle consists of a turbidostat controlled by the dissolved oxygen concentration. The inlet(More)
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