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There are differences in the structure and function between regions of the colon. In patients with slow transit constipation the activity of all regions is markedly slowed. Counts of colonic neurones in slow transit constipation have been semiquantitative and led to varying results. We have applied new methods of quantification of markers in whole mounts of(More)
The aim was to characterize quantitatively the classes of nerves innervating human mesenteric and submucosal vessels. Specimens of uninvolved normal human mesentery and colon were obtained with prior informed consent from patients undergoing elective surgery for bowel carcinoma. Mesenteric and submucosal vessels were processed for double-labelling(More)
BACKGROUND Neurogenic inflammation involves vasodilation, oedema and sensory nerve hypersensitivity. Extrinsic sensory nerves to the intestinal wall mediate these effects and functional subsets of these extrinsic nerves can be characterized by immunohistochemical profiles. In this study such profiles were examined in samples from patients with inflammatory(More)
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