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A partial-wave analysis of 9082 ηππn events produced in the reaction πp → ηππn at 18.3 GeV/c has been carried out using data from experiment 852 at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The data are dominated by J = 0 partial waves consistent with observation of the η(1295) and the η(1440). The mass and width of the η(1295) were determined to be 1282± 5 MeV and(More)
Transient electromagnetic scattering from object composed of conductor and dielectric material is analyzed by the marching-on-in-degree (MOD) time-domain integral equation (TDIE) method. Weighted Laguerre polynomials are exploited as the entire domain temporal basis functions, and lead to unconditionally stable solution. Besides, the curvilinear RWG spatial(More)
The design, construction, and performance of a 198-element CsI detector built for Brookhaven experiment E852 is described. Design considerations for the array included such factors as rate, magnetic eld, sensitivity and acceptance. Signals were obtained with a photodiode/preampliier combination 1 using PIN photodiodes. Data were taken over the course of two(More)
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