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Polyoxins and nikkomycins are naturally-occurring peptidyl nucleoside antibiotics. As inhibitors of chitin synthetase, they exhibit antifungal activity, but lack antibacterial activity. Since they also lack mammalian toxicity, they represent potentially useful models for the development of effective agents for the treatment of opportunistic fungal(More)
Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been the main pillars of cancer treatment. Some of the recent improvements in survival of other cancers can be attributed to novel treatment therapies. Such therapies mostly target specific molecules involved in cancer progression and metastasis. Development and clinical introduction of targeted therapies involve(More)
The world is in dire need of a vaccine against HIV. Several approaches for vaccine development have been taken to eradicate this deadly virus. DNA vaccines in particular are being considered as prime candidates for this task. The ease with which they can be molecularly manipulated, compounded by their immunogenicity, safety, and simple and reproducible(More)
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