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Penicillium sp. FO-125, a soil isolate, was found to produce a new antifungal antibiotic complex named atpenin. Three components A4, A5 and B were isolated from the fermentation broth of the producing strain by solvent extraction, silica gel column chromatography and HPLC. The molecular formula of atpenins A4, A5 and B were determined to be C15H22NO5Cl,(More)
Kinesin superfamily of microtubulebased motor orchestrates a variety of cellular processes. Recent availability of mammalian genomes has enabled analyses of kinesins on the whole genome. Here we present a novel full-length kinesin prediction program (FKPP) for mammalian kinesin gene discovery based on a comparative genomics approach. Contrary to previous(More)
Luminescence properties of nanosized zinc oxide (ZnO) colloids depend greatly on their surface properties, which are in turn largely determined by the method of preparation. ZnO nanoparticles in the size range from 3 to 9 nm were prepared by addition of tetramethylammonium hydroxide ((CH3)4NOH) to an ethanolic zinc acetate solution. X-ray diffraction (XRD)(More)
The site of regulation of nanaomycin biosynthesis by inorganic phosphate was studied with washed cells previously grown in a chemically defined medium containing a high- or low-phosphate concentration. The former mycelia produced only about one-tenth the amount of nanaomycin A from acetate as did the latter mycelia. On the other hand, the bioconversions of(More)
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