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We assess the effectiveness of using a zero-net-mass-flux blowing and suction in the form of an upstream traveling wave for transition control in channel flows. Our study is motivated by a recent paper by Min et al. (2006), where it was shown that this type of surface actuation yields a sustained sublaminar drag in a fully developed channel flow. We develop(More)
We have generated sub-single-cycle pulses of electromagnetic radiation with pulse energies as high as 0.8 ,tJ and pulse lengths < 500 fs. The 10-dB width of the spectrum is 1.5 THz. The transmitter is a GaAs wafer illuminated at normal incidence by 120-fs, 770-nm pulses from a Ti:sapphire chirped-pulse amplifier system while a pulsed electric field is(More)
Chang-Jae Yu Doo-Hwan You Sin-Doo Lee Abstract — In an in-plane optical geometry, such that the average optic axis lies on the plane parallel to both substrates, the optical properties of a reflective ferroelectric liquid-crystal (FLC) or antiferroelectric liquid-crystal (AFLC) cell were studied within the framework of the 2 × 2 Jones matrix formalism. To(More)
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