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Forty-one serially performed laparoscopic appendectomies were compared to 41 randomly selected traditional open appendectomies performed during the same 18 month period. The average age and sex distribution of the two groups were similar. The pathological diagnoses of acute appendicitis and perforation were similar in both groups. The complication rates(More)
The impact on battery life has become a key design criteria for mobile device applications (apps). Poor user perceptions about an app's energy use can now quickly lead to negative social media reviews and the resulting adverse impact son the app's marketability. Traditionally, assessments of an app's energy use have been done by simply measuring the total(More)
It has been more than two decades since Semm [6] removed the first appendix via laparoscopic surgery. In recent years, the laparoscopic appendectomy has evolved from being perceived as a novelty, performed only occasionally, into a primary treatment for patients with the clinical diagnosis of appendicitis. There have been numerous retrospective and(More)
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