D. Yamamoto

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This paper describes two humanoid robots developed in the Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University. Hadaly-2 is intended to realize information interaction with humans by integrating environmental recognition with vision, conversation capability (voice recognition, voice synthesis), and gesture behaviors. It also possesses physical interaction(More)
An N-acetyl sugar-binding lectin (termed iNoL) displaying cytotoxic activity against human cancer cells was isolated from the slipper lobster Ibacus novemdentatus (family Scyllaridae). iNoL recognized monosaccharides containing N-acetyl group, and glycoproteins (e.g., BSM) containing oligosaccharides with N-acetyl sugar. iNoL was composed of five subunits(More)
The aim of the company talks is (1)to provide a good picture about forefront technologies about robots related to human-robot interaction,and (2)to provide a opportunity to connect researchers and people from industries.Seven companies gives 8 minutes talk to present their cutting-edge technologies.Instead of having Q&A time after each presentation(More)
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