D. Y. Y. Yun

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OBJECTIVE Although deficits in executive functioning are prominent in schizophrenia, some patients in remission have shown significantly higher levels of neurocognitive functioning than patients not in remission. However, no consensus on the relationship between neurocognitive functioning and the severity of symptoms has been reached. Additionally, previous(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical neural network approach for the automatic conversion of image documents (ACID), which specifically describes a prototype Symbol Recognition System (SRS) for automatic computer processing of electrical engineering drawings. This approach achieves a significant reduction of human involvement in the symbol model encoding and(More)
The provably NP-hard problem of finding optimal piecewise linear approximation for images is extended from 1D curve fitting to 2D surface fitting by a dual-agent algorithm. The results not only yield a storage-efficient codec for range, or intensity, images but also a surface triangulation technique to generate succinct, accurate and visually pleasant 3D(More)
BACKGROUND Foulds' Delusions-Symptoms-State Inventory (DSSI) has been purported to be a reliable, systematic categorical measure to assess the patients with schizophrenia according to the degree of illness. However, further cross-validations using other clinical measures and diverse samples from other cultures have not been advanced recently. We aimed to(More)
An algorithm for the automatic reconstruction of triangular mesh surface model from range images is presented. The optimal piecewise linear surface approximation problem is defined as: Given a set S of points uniformly sampled from a bivariate function ƒ(x,y) on a rectangular grid of dimension W×H, find a minimum triangular mesh approximating the surface(More)
The etiology of side effects of antipsychotic medications can be conceptualized as involving both specific pharmacological actions of a drug and any mental and physical states attributed by the patient. Both factors are likely to be linked with neurocognitive functioning which may largely affect the subjective experience of side effects in patients with(More)
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