D Y Tso-Olivas

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Two experiments examined the effects of single or multiple administrations of methylphenidate (MPH; Ritalin) and differing amounts of beam-walking trials (symptom relevant experience) during the period of drug action on recovery from hemiplegia following unilateral sensorimotor cortex ablation in rat. The first study tested multiple doses of MPH (10 mg/kg)(More)
Hippocampal mossy fiber zinc was examined in mice selectively bred for differences in susceptibility to handling-induced convulsions during ethanol withdrawal. The density of mossy fiber zinc in the CA3 stratum lucidum was significantly decreased in the duplicate lines of untreated withdrawal seizure prone (WSP) mice compared to untreated withdrawal seizure(More)
Immune system function was examined in the genetically epilepsy prone (GEPR-9) rat and non-epileptic Sprague-Dawley control rats. Significant decreases in direct and indirect plaque-forming cell responses were observed in GEPR-9 rats immunized with sheep erythrocytes. Serum levels of IgM were also decreased in non-immunized GEPR-9 rats, providing additional(More)
Deficits in norepinephrine synthesis, transmitter level, turnover and reuptake have been reported in the brain of genetically epilepsy-prone (GEPR) rats. We investigated the hypothesis that these alterations may trigger a compensatory downregulation of locus coeruleus alpha 2-adrenergic receptors and an upregulation of postsynaptic alpha 2-adrenergic(More)
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