D Y Fei

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Quantitative MR phase imaging is frequently used to measure spin velocities. A potential difficulty may arise, however, when in-plane phase images are acquired of a vessel carrying laminar flow, for which the fluid velocity profile is parabolic. In that case, depending on the flow velocity (v), the vessel diameter (D), and the chosen MR slice thickness(More)
A 1D MR sequence has been developed for determining aortic flow wave velocity (WV), a metric of arterial compliance, within a single cardiac cycle. Studies were carried out on the thoracic aortas of 10 normal volunteers. Correlative WV data were also acquired from each subject using a conventional phase-velocity 2D mapping technique. Aortic WV in this(More)
We evaluated evoked potentials (EPs) to noxious contact heat pulses delivered to hairy skin of healthy adults. Heat pulses from an adapting temperature of 34 degrees C to a target temperature of 52 degrees C, produced two scalp positive waves. The first peaked at 44 degrees to 45 degrees C (approximately 500 ms following stimulus onset), while the second(More)
Evoked potentials (EPs) to noxious thermal stimulation of skin may provide information about integrity of the nociceptive afferent system and thus small afferent fiber integrity. Here we describe subjective report, EPs and response times to noxious contact thermal and laser stimuli in the same subjects. Pain quality to both forms of stimulation was(More)
Saturation-tagging Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging provides a simple and robust means to directly visualize displacement profiles within fluid flow fields. Although useful for velocity quantitation as well as for qualitative depiction of flow patterns in certain well-defined flow fields, the technique is prone to distortions due to oblique flow(More)
The production of the lightest chargino pair from gluon-gluon fusion is studied in the minimal supersymmetric model(MSSM) at proton-proton colliders. We find that with the chosen parameters, the production rate of the subprocess can be over 2.7 femto barn when the chargino is higgsino-like, and the corresponding total cross section in proton-proton collider(More)
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