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This paper presents a stripline SIR bandpass filter with high skirt selectivity. The bandpass filter has a good performance on the out-of-band rejection by adding some through metallized holes on both sides of the substrate. It is easy to integrate by using a structure of transition between microstrip to stripline. To validate the proposed concept, a filter(More)
A microstrip bandpass filter with extended stopband is presented in this paper. The extended stopband is obtained through using lowpass filter section in the filter design. The lowpass filter section is composed of SIR resonators with appropriate positions. Equivalent lumped circuit of the lowpass section is given to better understand performance of the(More)
This letter designs a microstrip dual-band bandpass filter (BPF) based on hairpin resonators using T junctions I/O structure. Firstly it presents the principle of T junctions based on a diplexer. Secondly, the method of designing single-band BPF based on hairpin resonators is introduced. By using a T junction to connect two single-band BPFs, the influence(More)
A stripline diplexer with both stopband and isolation performances enhanced by metalized holes is presented in this letter. Two stripline filters are designed using folded stepped-impedance resonators (SIRs), and then a T junction is used to combine the two designed stripline filters so that a diplexer is constructed. A stripline to microstrip line(More)
Using split-step fourier transform method solving parabolic equation is an effective method for predicting radiowave propagation above earth surface. In this paper the backward difference is adopted to improve the discrete mixed fourier transform algorithm, shift map method is also introduced to consider irregular terrains. Radiowave propagation is then(More)
In this paper, a S-band bandpass filter was proposed with stopband performance enhanced by metamaterial units, complementary split ring resonators (CSRRs). This filter was composed by multiple stepped impedance resonators which made first spurious peak appear at frequency about four times the operation frequency. The CSRRs were then used to suppress the(More)
Two novel compact ultra-wideband (UWB) bandpass filter is developed by using two kinds of stub-loaded triple-mode resonator doublets. The proposed doublet consists of two parallel but oppositely arranged stub-loaded resonators. An UWB filter is designed by cascading three doublets, and eleven transmission poles are obtained in its passband. The high-orders(More)
A novel hybrid bandpass filter based on coaxial resonator and evanescent mode waveguide(EMW) with loaded posts is presented. The coaxial resonators are directly coupled to the EMW with posts through air windows. The fundamental TEM mode of the coaxial resonator and the evanescent mode of the EMW constructing the passband of the filter, while the staggered(More)
This paper presents a compact balanced bandpass filter (BPF) with wide stopband. Firstly, it presents the equivalent circuits of the balanced BPF. By utilizing merits of the used resonator and open stubs centrally loaded, a balanced BPF with wide stopband and miniaturization can be achieved. Finally, a microstrip balanced BPF working at 2 GHz is designed(More)
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