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(1983) 54-59 O'Neill, B., Moser, H. and Marmion, L. Adrenoleukodystrophy: elevated C26 fatty acid in cultured skin fibroblasts and correlation with disease expression in three generations of a kindred. Neurology (N Y) 32 (1982) 540-542 Partin, J. and McAdams, A. Absence of hepatic peroxisomes in neonatal onset adrenoleukodystrophy. Pediatr. Res. 17 (1983)(More)
The serum concentration of parathormone is usually normal in hypophosphatasia, a rare disease with a defect of bone mineralisation and low serum alkaline phosphatase activity. Nevertheless there are three cases in the literature presenting a hyperparathyroidism with or without hypercalcemia. No anomaly of parathyroid was found at autopsy. The authors(More)
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