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We introduce a new correlation-based measure of spike timing reliability. Unlike other measures, it does not require the definition of a posteriori "events". It relies on only one parameter, which relates to the timescale of spike timing precision. We test the measure on surrogate data sets with varying amounts of spike time jitter, and missing or(More)
Haptic perception is an active process that provides an awareness of objects that are encountered as an organism scans its environment. In contrast to the sensation of touch produced by contact with an object, the perception of object location arises from the interpretation of tactile signals in the context of the changing configuration of the body. A(More)
The rat has a strong 6-9 Hz rhythm of electrical activity in the hippocampus, known as the theta rhythm. Exploratory whisking, i.e., the rhythmic movement of the rat's vibrissas to acquire tactile information, occurs within the same frequency range as the theta rhythm and provides a model system to examine the relationship between theta rhythm and active(More)
Chaos is aperiodic behavior in deterministic nonlinear dynamical systems that is highly sensitive to initial conditions. Chaotic behavior can be observed in a simple electronic (RLD) circuit consisting of a resistor, diode, and inductor with an oscillatory voltage drive signal. The output voltage signal exhibits both stable periodic behavior and chaotic(More)
Editor's Note: These short, critical reviews of recent papers in the Journal, written exclusively by graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, are intended to summarize the important findings of the paper and provide additional insight and commentary. For more information on the format and purpose of the Journal Club, please see Review of Zaghloul et al.(More)
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research has made great progress recently [1-3]. However, this progress has some negative side effects: growing fragmentation among different researchers, confusion about the best research directions, and ongoing disagreement over terms and definitions. Future BNCI is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European(More)
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