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An application of Iterated Function Systems to the problem of automatic generation of two-dimensional shape representation is presented. A definition of an Iterated Function System is given, and the properties that make it suitable for shape representation are described. Details of programs implementing shape coding and rendering are provided together with(More)
When used with a low-cost digital camera that has " super macro " capability, the macrotube can rapidly and consistently collect high-quality, uniformly lit field images of small-scale features. excellent 3D representations of facade surfaces that could be examined at very high magnifications. However, this procedure was judged to be impractical,(More)
BioOne sees sustainable scholarly publishing as an inherently collaborative enterprise connecting authors, nonprofit publishers, academic institutions, research libraries, and research funders in the common goal of maximizing access to critical research. BioOne (www.bioone.org) is a nonprofit, online aggregation of core research in the biological,(More)
In this paper we consider the q-deformed totally asymmetric zero range process (q-TAZRP), also known as the q-boson (stochastic) particle system, on the Z lattice, such that the jump rate of a particle depends on the site where it is on the lattice. We derive the transition probability for an n particle process in Bethe ansatz form as a sum of n! n-fold(More)
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