D. W. Lamb

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An integrated active optical, and passive thermal infrared sensing system was deployed on a low-level aircraft (50 m AGL) to record and map the simple ratio (SR) index and canopy temperature of a 230 ha cotton field. The SR map was found to closely resemble that created by a RapidEye satellite image, and the canopy temperature map yielded values consistent(More)
Nitrogen (N) fertilization is crucial for the growth and development of wheat crops, and yet increased use of N can also result in increased stripe rust severity. Stripe rust infection and N deficiency both cause changes in foliar physiological activity and reduction in plant pigments that result in chlorosis. Furthermore, stripe rust produce pustules on(More)
The ability to identify areas of pasture that are more likely to support damaging levels of the soil-borne, redheaded cockchafer (Adoryphorus couloni) (Burmeister) (RHC) would allow farmers to target expensive control measures. This study explored soil properties, measured via electromagnetic surveys (EM38), pasture biomass via active optical sensors(More)
The amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, 0.4–0.7 μm) absorbed by plants for photosynthesis relative to incident radiation is defined as the fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (fAPAR). This is an important variable in both plant biomass production and plant growth modeling. This study investigates the application of a(More)
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