D W Knutson

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Studies with populations of macrophages have produced conflicting results concerning the possibility that the concentration of intracellular ionized calcium [( Ca2+]i) may act as an important mediator for phagocytosis. Since asynchronous changes in [Ca2+]i in individual cells undergoing phagocytosis may be averaged to undetectability in population studies,(More)
We used a sensitive C1q-binding assay to measure levels of soluble immune complexes in 182 samples of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from control patients and patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Soluble immune complexes in CSF were detected in 16% of patients with progressive MS, 38% of patients with exacerbating-remitting MS, 55% of patients with infectious(More)
We found free light chains in the CSF of 18 MS patients, but not in any of 14 patients with other neurologic disease. CSF from all MS patients contained kappa and lambda chain dimers, less frequently contained light chain monomers, and never contained free gamma heavy chains. Light chains were not detected in matched serum samples. CSF from MS patients did(More)
Stable aggregated IgG (A-IgG) of various sizes, having high biological activity, were incubated at 4 degree C with adhering peritoneal macrophages from normal rats and the kinetics of A-IgG binding to the cell surface were studied. Equilibrium constants were high (2.8-11.7 X 10(8) M-1) and varied as a function of aggregate size. The maximum number of A-IgG(More)
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