D. W. Jensen

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Head and eye movements in the yaw plane were recorded during and after optokinetic stimulation in squirrel monkeys. 1) Phasic or tonic head deviations to the side of the ocular quick phase occurred in 94% of total recordings (n = 50) during the perstimulus period, and in 75% of recordings (n = 49) during the poststimulus period. Magnitude of mean head(More)
Cerebellar lesion experiments have led to the concept that the medial longitudinal zone controls postural tone while the intermediate zone controls discrete movement. This study is a test of the hypothesis that, of the two zones, the medial zone is more closely linked to the resting discharge of vestibular afferent fibers, a prime source of neural tonus(More)
Jeff Sloan and colleagues describe the development of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Quality of Life (PROQOL) instrument, which captures and stores patient-recorded outcomes in the medical record for patients with diabetes. Please see later in the article for the Editors' Summary.
spatial variability in stream habitats using both natural and management-influenced landscape predictors" ABSTRACT 1. The distribution and composition of in-stream habitats are reflections of landscape scale geomorphic and climatic controls. Correspondingly, Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) are largely adapted to and constrained by the quality and(More)
Head and eye movements induced by vestibular stimuli (rotational velocity steps) were studied under several experimental conditions in squirrel monkeys. Monkeys showed prominent head nystagmus under a free head condition. Slow phase gaze velocity (SPGV) was calculated by summing the slow phase speed of coupled head and eye nystagmus. A statistical test(More)
INTRODUCTION The Southeastern (SE) Minnesota Beacon organized all the health care providers, county public health organizations, and school districts in the deployment and integration of health information exchange (HIE) and targeted health communication around childhood asthma and diabetes. The community cooperated to establish a clinical data repository(More)