D. W. Hopper

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Five patients with proved blastomycosis had a diffuse miliary nodular pattern seen on chest radiographs. These cases are presented to emphasize that blastomycosis may be the cause of a miliary pattern in an endemic area. Documentation requires recovery of the organism from body fluids or tissue since skin and serologic testing are unreliable indicators of(More)
The rhodium(II)-catalyzed intermolecular C-H insertion of methyl aryldiazoacetates with either N-Boc-piperidine or N-Boc-pyrrolidine followed by deprotection with trifluoroacetic acid is a very direct method for the synthesis of methylphenidate analogues. By using either dirhodium tetraacetate or dirhodium tetraprolinate derivatives as catalyst, either the(More)
The prevention of aggrecan (a key component of cartilage) cleavage via the inhibition of aggrecanase-1 may provide a unique opportunity to stop the progression of cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis. The evaluation of a series of biphenylsulfonamides resulted in the identification of the ((4-keto)-phenoxy)methyl biphenyl-4-sulfonamides analogs (19-21(More)
A novel series of pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines bearing a 3-hydroxyphenyl group at C(3) and substituted tropanes at C(7) have been identified as potent B-Raf inhibitors. Exploration of alternative functional groups as a replacement for the C(3) phenol demonstrated indazole to be an effective isostere. Several compounds possessing substituted indazole residues,(More)
The asymmetric C-H activation reactions of methyl aryldiazoacetates are readily induced by the rhodium prolinate catalyst Rh(2)(S-DOSP)(4) (1) or the bridged prolinate catalysts Rh(2)(S-biDOSP)(2) (2a) and Rh(2)(S-biTISP)(2) (2b). The C-H activation of N-Boc-protected cyclic amines demonstrates that the donor/acceptor-substituted carbenoids display(More)
A series of tricyclic anilinopyrimidines were synthesized and evaluated as IKKbeta inhibitors. Several analogues, including tricyclic phenyl (10, 18a, 18c, 18d, and 18j) and thienyl (26 and 28) derivatives were shown to have good in vitro enzyme potency and excellent cellular activity. Pharmaceutical profiling of a select group of tricyclic compounds(More)