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This study investigated the effects of a relaxation instruction session conducted presurgically with postsurgical pain parameters for patients undergoing spinal surgery. Results indicated that the relaxation group (n = 50) as compared with an equivalent group (n = 50) matched to type of surgery and sex type, workers compensation status had significant(More)
A clinical outcome follow-up comparison of treatment and nontreatment groups was conducted to investigate both the clinical and cost effectiveness of a hospital-based industrial medicine division offering inpatient pain treatment clinical services. Eighteen month followup data were collected on 63 patients participating in a pain treatment program and 37(More)
Whether the compensation status of patients with chronic pain influences treatment outcome remains an issue. This article describes the treatment outcome status of compensated versus non-compensated chronic low back pain patients who received comprehensive functional restoration treatment in a hospital-based, interdisciplinary, industrial medicine and pain(More)
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