D. W. Farmer

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We give a new heuristic for all of the main terms in the integral moments of various families of primitive L-functions. The results agree with previous conjectures for the leading order terms. Our conjectures also have an almost identical form to exact expressions for the corresponding moments of the characteristic polynomials of either unitary, orthogonal,(More)
We calculate the autocorrelation functions (or shifted moments) of the characteristic polynomials of matrices drawn uniformly with respect to Haar measure from the groups U(N), O(2N) and USp(2N). In each case the result can be expressed in three equivalent forms: as a determinant sum (and hence in terms of symmetric polynomials), as a combinatorial sum, and(More)
Ten cardiac and paracardiac masses were studied with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate the utility of this new method for determining the nature, location, and extent of such masses. The masses were intramural lesions (two cases), left atrial thrombus (one case), pericardial cysts (three cases), and mediastinal masses deforming and displacing the(More)
CT scans were obtained with a Cine-CT Scanner that uses a rapidly moving focused electron beam. The 50-msec CT scans were obtained at two transverse levels simultaneously through the hearts of a series of four normal dogs and six patients, four with coronary artery disease and two with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Two scanning mode options were chosen.(More)
τ(n)e(nz). The two equations were proven for τ(n) by Mordell, using what are now known as the Hecke operators. The inequality was proven by Deligne as a consequence of his proof of the Weil conjectures. Those results determine everything about af (n) except for the distribution of the af (p) ∈ [−2, 2]. Define θf (p) ∈ [0, π] by af (p) = 2 cos θf (p). It is(More)
We describe numerical calculations which examine the PhillipsSarnak conjecture concerning the disappearance of cusp forms on a noncompact finite volume Riemann surface S under deformation of the surface. Our calculations indicate that if the Teichmüller space of S is not trivial, then each cusp form has a set of deformations under which either the cusp form(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatitis C (HCV) infected patients have significant health-related quality of life (HRQL) impairment which worsens during anti-viral therapy. Our aim was to examine the association of HRQL with treatment-induced depression and anemia. METHODS Two hundred and seventy-one HCV patients who received pegylated interferon alfa 2b and ribavirin(More)
In an attempt to improve the efficacy of antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C, a three-drug combination of pegylated interferon alpha-2b, ribavirin, and amantadine has been suggested. Despite the initial enthusiasm, the role of amantadine in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C remains controversial. In a multi-center, open-label clinical trial, the(More)