D. W. Behrens

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UNLABELLED Air exchange rate data from two residential indoor air quality studies are presented. In the first investigation, over 500 residences in Southern California were sampled for three one-week periods from 1984 to 1985. Those data provided seasonal information for a broad range of residential characteristics in a large metropolitan area. In the(More)
We describe a conceptual model for genome databases that facilitates the process of building, maintaining, and disseminating physically anchored genetic linkage maps. The model has been implemented as a relational database at the Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC). Development of consensus maps using disparate data from different(More)
The distribution patterns, diets, and substratum (refuge) requirements of early juveniles of two sympatric stichaeid fishesCebidichthys violaceus andXiphister mucosus, were investigated in a rocky intertidal habitat at Diablo Canyon, California. Monthly investigations were conducted at low tide for four consecutive months, to assess ontogenetic differences(More)
Genotypic data entry is a time-consuming and tedious task in genetic linkage studies. Success of the study is dependent upon the accuracy of the data. To simplify the process and eliminate data entry errors, we developed procedures that enable scientists to rapidly enter large quantities of data and compare the data entered with those entered by another(More)
House depressurization occurs when household equipment such as a kitchen or bathroom fan or a fireplace exhausts air from the house and lowers the pressure indoors with respect to the outside. The operation of air handlers for forced-air heating or cooling systems also can have a depressurization effect. This depressurization can hinder the natural draft(More)
New information regarding the ecology ofScytalina cerdale was obtained over a four year period as a consequence of a long-term marine ecological study at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP), San Luis Obispo County, California. Twenty intertidal fish surveys were conducted at approximately quarterly intervals, between March 1979 and June 1983, at three(More)
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