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The fully matricial generalization in part I, of the difference quotient derivation on holomorphic functions, in which C is replaced by a Banach algebra B, is extended from the affine case to a Grassmannian completion. The infinitesimal bialgebra duality, the duality transform generalizing the Stieltjes transform and the spectral theory with non-commuting(More)
Anti-vaccina HAI antibody titers were dynamically followed up and correlated with the type of cutaneous reaction in 91 small pox revaccines aged 20-21 years. Serum samples collected at 2-day intervals for 14 days and on day 30 post inoculation (p.i.) were tested. Antibody titer rises began on days 4-6 and continued until day 14 p.i. On day 30 further rises(More)
The possible influence of shipment and storage conditions upon the potency of smallpox vaccines was investigated by testing the direct effect of vaccine potency on the type of cutaneous reaction and on the level of serum antibodies. Vaccine no. 1--freshly prepared, shipped and stored at +4 degrees C--proved to be more potent than vaccine no. 2, at the limit(More)
With reference to recently published data and the authors findings, the pathogeny and prophylaxis of streptococcal nephropathy is discussed from the viewpoint of streptococcal nephritogenicity, the reactive potential of the body and the efficiency of the antibiotic treatment. It is evident that extensive prevention with penicillin is imperfect since(More)