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This paper presents a fully autonomous navigation solution for urban, pedestrian environments. The task at hand, undertaken within the context of the European project URUS, was to enable two urban service robots, based on Segway RMP200 platforms and using planar lasers as primary sensors, to navigate around a known, large (10,000 m 2), pedestrian-only(More)
This paper discusses modeling of adhesive forces which come into play during gripping activities in the context of micro devices assembly (MDA) When complex designs for micron sized parts cannot be manufactured using MEMS techniques, they have to be assembled. Adhesive forces have three components: van der Waals, surface tension and electrostatic forces. An(More)
This paper presents a new automatic framework for extracting and characterizing the dynamic shape of the 3D wetting front and its propagation, based in a sequence of tomographic images acquired as water (moisture) infiltrates in unsaturated soils. To the best of the authors' knowledge, the shape of the 3D wetting front and its propagation and progress over(More)
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