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The aim of the study was to elucidate the effects of induced leukocyte migration into the bovine mammary gland on the manifestations of early and late apoptotic features of neutrophils cultivated in vitro. The Latin square design was used in two experiments, each involving four experimental repetitions in 4 clinically healthy virgin heifers. The neutrophil(More)
e present study was an in vitro analysis of the dynamics of bovine mammary gland neutrophil apoptosis based on the detection of morphological changes. e neutrophils were isolated from mammary glands of five virgin heifers. e mammary glands were lavaged, the suspensions were then bacteriologically examined, and total and differential cell counts were(More)
The changes of the electrical impedance in the vaginal vestibule during the oestrous cycle and the influence of sow parity on the vestibular impedance in oestrus were examined. Primiparous and multiparous sows of the Large White breed were used. Oestrus was tested via exposure of sows to a sexually mature boar. The criterion for conformation of ovulation(More)
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