D Van Compernolle

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Direct electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve can be used to restore some degree of hearing to the profoundly deaf. Percepts due to electrical stimulation have characteristics corresponding approximately to the acoustic percepts of loudness, pitch, and timbre. To encode speech as a pattern of electrical stimulation, it is necessary to determine the(More)
The performance of normal human hearing in noisy circumstances is helped considerably by its ability to focus on a specific sound source. This ability is derived from the binaural nature of hearing. In this paper we present signal-processing techniques that can partially replace the binaural hearing in situations where a monaural hearing aid is used(More)
Two subjects with transcutaneously connected 8-electrode scala tympani implants were given subsets of the Minimal Auditory Capabilities test during stimulation with five speech processing strategies--two single channel and three multichannel. While there were significant (p = 0.05%) scores on some items with all types of stimulation, one subject did as well(More)
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