D. V. Shulepov

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Microbe Russian Anti-Plague Research Institute, Saratov A hybrid plasmid pUB110PA-1 demonstrating stable functioning in the cells of Bacillus strains and containing the gene of biosynthesis of Bacillus anthracis protective antigen was constructed. The recombinant strains surpassing the anthrax vaccinal cultures in the secreted synthesis of the protective(More)
A hybrid plasmid pUB110PA-1, which functions stably in cells of Bacillus strains and contains the gene for synthesis of the protective antigen of the anthrax microbe, Bacillus anthracis, has been constructed. Recombinant strains were obtained that surpass anthrax Bacillus cultures in the secretory synthesis of the protective antigen. Their immunologic(More)
An asporogenic recombinant strain Bacillus anthracis 55ΔTPA-1(Spo−) producing anthrax protective antigen (PA) was obtained. The strain contains structural gene pag as a part of a hybrid replicon pUB110PA-1 and lacks determinants encoding the synthesis of main factors of anthrax pathogenicity. The level of PA production by asporogenic genetically engineered(More)
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