D. V. Radhika

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Code Assessments using static and dynamic analyses are important for the maintenance of code quality of software in the industry. These analyses, though understood to be beneficial, have several practical limitations. The intent of our study was to understand the usage of these analyses across various teams in Siemens during code assessments, reasons for(More)
Static analysis (SA) tools are often used to analyze a software system to identify violation of good programming practices (such as not validating arguments to public methods, use of magic numbers etc.) and potential defects (such as misused APIs, race conditions, deadlocks etc.). Most widely used SA tools perform shallow data flow analysis with the results(More)
Clone detection through tools is a common practice in the software industry. Associated with clone detection is code clone management, which includes taking informed decisions for management of the large sets of clones as reported by the clone detection tools, a task that gets more challenging with larger code bases. In order to enable and ease the process(More)
Siemens, Corporate Technology, Development Center, Asia Australia (CT DC AA) has been developing and maintaining several software projects for the Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities sectors of Siemens. The critical nature of these projects necessitates a high level of software code quality. As part of the code quality program at(More)
Duplicating code and modifying it is a useful convenience when editing within an IDE. This sequence of operations, termed <i>copy-paste-modify</i>, has the downside of proliferating "nearly identical" code segments or code clones and could lead to rapid degeneration of code. Although techniques for proactive identification of clones and differences between(More)
Assessment of code and design quality using Software Code Assessment tools is important for continuous improvement and monitoring of code quality in the software industry in general and for global software development in particular. Static Analysis is believed to help identify issues at an early stage in the software development life cycle (SDLC), however(More)
Congestion control in wireless networks has been extensively investigated over the years and several schemes and techniques have been developed, all with the aim of improving performance in wireless net-work. With the rapid expansion and implementation of wireless technology it is essential that the congestion control problem be solved. This paper presents(More)
Education is a vast and important subject, one that cannot be addressed adequately in this space. In recent years the amount of data stored in educational database is growing rapidly. The stored database contains hidden information about improvement of student’s performance and behavior. The ability to predict the student performance in education is very(More)
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